Commissioning is a standardized process lead by a professional, commonly referred to as a Commissioning Authority (CxA), who is knowledgeable in the design, construction, and operation of systems. The CxA typically leads a team of system experts trained in the facility commissioning field. The commissioning process can help verify that all of your building’s systems and processes are functioning as designed.

Building Commissioning is the professional practice that ensures buildings are delivered according to the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR). Buildings that are properly commissioned typically have fewer change orders, tend to be more energy efficient, and have lower operation and maintenance cost. The documentation of the commissioning process provides the foundation for correctly benchmarking the baseline energy consumption of the facility.

Today the role of the building commissioning authority has become a central component to the whole building design process as the built environment continues to include more complicated and interdependent systems and owners focus on energy efficiency to keep operational costs down. The commissioning authority (CxA) monitors the owner’s performance requirements and compares them against the design. If the CxA feels that the design will not meet the expectations from the owner, it is brought up early enough so that ether the design is modified, or the owner is now informed, and his expectations may be modified. This helps to reduce cost overruns, bulletins and sub-contractor cost increases due to unexpected problems and new solutions.

Involvement continues through design and construction, providing continuity as the owner’s expert, making sure that their requirements are being met. The primary role throughout the project is to understand the OPR, making sure that these are incorporated into the design, installed during construction, and tested with a completely functional building being returned to the owner. During this whole process the CxA works with the design team to accomplish this.

Designing, constructing, and operating a building is a complex feat that involves input from many different team members. While many of these professionals have high levels of competence, they are still prone to the issue of poor coordination and integration due to schedule and budget constraints. This is where the CxA can assist the project team, not only by leveraging their experience and knowledge, but also through project iteration. Benefits of commissioning:

  • Improved building occupant productivity
  • Lower utility bills through energy savings
  • Increased occupant and owner satisfaction
  • Enhanced environmental/health conditions and occupant comfort
  • Improved system and equipment function
  • Improved building operation and maintenance
  • Increased occupant safety
  • >Better building documentation
  • Shortened occupancy transition period
  • Significant extension of equipment/systems life cycle

Commissioning is one of the most cost-effective means of improving energy efficiency in buildings. Verification of advanced control strategies, including start/stop timing based on environmental conditions, occupancy determined scheduling, setpoint modification based on need, equipment staging, loop tuning, and other performance verification during the commissioning process has proven to reduce energy consumption. As a result, commissioning is required in federal buildings under the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992, is one of the core steps for the ENERGY STAR Buildings Program, is a requirement of LEED® Certification, is sponsored through incentives by many utility companies, and is required by ASHRAE Standard 90.1, which has been adopted by most states through their building codes. Core Green Building Consultants (Core GBC) provides commissioning services for new construction and existing buildings.  As an integral component of a facility’s life cycle, CORE GBC commissioning process ensures proper performance. Our strong commissioning expertise is founded on our unique skills and experience in system design, troubleshooting and building forensics, and ongoing facility O&M. This allows our commissioning experts to effectively identify and solve building system problems at each phase of a building’s lifecycle.

Using our proven commissioning processes, our team is able to ensure that your new or existing facility operates at peak performance. Our knowledgeable staff of commissioning engineers perform a full evaluation of the electrical and mechanical systems including communications, interoperability, component working conditions, occupant and managerial requirements and other parameters to confirm whether critical infrastructure systems are designed and subsequently installed properly and maintained successfully over time. Our commissioning team works with the design and construction team throughout the Full Life Cycle Commissioning process.

We help your projects achieve their performance goals. All projects need some level of commissioning to perform at their best. Commissioning assists in the delivery of a project that provides a safe and healthful facility; optimizes energy use; reduces operating costs; ensures adequate O&M staff orientation and training; and improves installed building systems documentation.