A city is much more than just a place for people to live and do business. Cities sit at the heart of a country’s economic and cultural well-being, each with their own distinct personalities and needs. We design sustainable places in balance with the aspirations of communities.
Our master planning proposals are built on our insight into the way places influence wellbeing, work and lifestyle, as well as technical understanding of interconnected systems such as transportenergywaste and information.
Sustainable master planning allows us to delve into the very inner workings of a community to ensure it can efficiently support future generations. The places we help to shape are built not only to last, but to grow as your community grows
Sustainability objectives are best met when they are integral to a masterplan; considered from the outset rather than an afterthought.
We bring various tools to help clients define their environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives. To support architects and urban designers in meeting these objectives, we assemble teams of engineers and scientists, as necessary, to bring rigorous and evidence-based analysis of environmental site planning and infrastructure.